Yes! 10-pound morning workout.

Of course, it won’t be easy for you, but all you need to do is, focus and follow.

For fast weight loss, you must be trying so many things from diet to exercise, but sometimes all in vain and your fat seems to like hanging as same as before.

It happened due to lacking specific powerful fat burning exercises. Well! along with exercise, a diet too plays important role in weight loss.

For that, you need to understand this whole 10-pound morning workout fully from diet to exercise, then only you will be able to lose weight.

So, let’s make your suffering easy with this morning workout.

How to Start This 10-Pound Morning Workout?

Very first, don’t expect that on the first day, you will be able to lose 10 pounds with this morning workout.

No, it almost impossible to burn 35000 calories in a day.

But if we continue with this powerful fat burning plan for 2-3 weeks then sure you will notice the body transformation.

The only thing you need to remember about this workout plan is, losing 10 pounds weight, totally dependent on you, till how many days you follow this plan.

For e.g.

You can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, or even in 3 weeks too.

If you are a beginner, then you need to move slowly and gradually. You may take even more time to lose 10 pounds. But very first you need to look for some easy move for weight loss to increase your flexibility and strength, otherwise, this plan can be painful for few weeks.

So, my advice to you is moving slowly with this morning workout and try to control your total calories intake from your diet. This way you can balance your calories initially.

Diet Plan:

Very first, you need to concentrate on healthy diet, and your most calories should be controlled by what you eat for weight loss either burning them.

Your diet should consist of lots of lean protein, fruits, green veggies, healthy snacks, smoothies, detox drinks and lots of water.

Follow a strict diet plan by checking this Dukan diet plan for fast weight loss.

But apart from this, you need to avoid junk food, processed food, alcohol, smoking, and soda drinks.

Then, after working few days on your diet, you can hit this 10-pound morning workout plan.

Levels of This 10-Pound Morning Workout

Here, we will talk about 3 level- beginners, intermediate and advanced. In every level, your plan will be different as per your strength and demand. Choose which you fit-

Level 1: Beginners

Week 1: Repeat this morning workout 1-2 times. For 3 days, repeats one time, and for next 4 days increase repetition 2 times.

Week 2: Repeat this morning workouts 3-4 times. Same as before repeats 3 time for first 3 days and increase up to 4 times for next 4 days.

Week 3: Again repeats this workout 4 times for first 3 days. And for next 4 days, repeats 5 time.

Now, stabiles this 5-time repetition as your daily workout goal. If you feel stressed in morning, then divide this workout plan in 2 times- half in morning and rest half in evening.


Level 2: Intermediate

Week 1: Intermediate people need to repeat this morning workout 1-2 times initially.

Week 2: For the second week, increase this plan slowly and gradually up to 3 times.

Week 3: And for the third week, stabiles your repetition up to 4 times.


Level 3: Advanced

Week 1: Repeats this weight loss plan for 1-2 times.

Week 2: Make 2 repetitions your daily goal and slowly move to 3 repeats on the second week.

Week 3: Stabiles your repetitions on 3.

You can divide your workout plan in 2 stage- morning and evening, as per your comfort level.


10-Pound Morning Workout/Exercise

8 powerful exercise to lose 10 pounds-

#1. Crunches

Crunches are basic exercises for stomach, belly fat and abs that works great on your body if included in any weight loss.

Even it will improve your ability to perform any high-intensity exercise by developing strength in the muscles lie underneath the excess fat.

But for complete weight loss, alone you can’t be dependent on this single exercise to burn calories. It works great only if include as a part of comprehensive exercise routine and commits to the healthy calories diet plan.

It works on rectus abdominis, major muscles of your stomach that give you six pack look if developed.

And apart from weight loss, it improves the overall efficiency of your body to lose fat.

So, you can say this exercise is the heartbeat of any weight loss workout plan.

#2. Lunges

Lunges are second basic effective exercise after squats to tone your lower body muscles, especially your butt. And most important you can perform this exercise anytime and anywhere without equipment.

Credit: Journal.crossfit

It helps to stretch your legs, thighs and butt muscles and helps to lose weight by stretching. While practicing this exercise, your heart rate must get increased in order to lose weight.

Even you can burn 400 calories in 30 minutes of cardio, along with 15 minutes session of walking lunge, if your weight is 150 pounds.

You can try any variation of the lunge, such as forward lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges, walking lunges to target different lower body parts for weight loss.

Keep your knees, hips, and shoulder in one direction- forward. While practicing, watch yourself in the side mirror to correct your pose.

#3. Squats

When it comes to weight loss, squats are a very basic exercise to firm your butt, toned legs and thighs. It works great on your lower belly fat, and help to makes you look slim and sexy.


As you grow older, it also improves your strength and stability to reach for something on the floor and coming out from the chair, and all small task in which you need to stretch down, and therefore prevent injury.

As we found, it offers several advantages, and being a part of weight loss plan, it increases the power of your fat burning workouts plan.

So, ladies! Get ready to firm your butt and legs, along with weight loss.

#4. Jumping Jacks

Credit: Popsugar

One of the easy performing complete body exercise for weight loss that anyone can start with. Many athletes and runner used this exercise to warm up before hitting the moving.

As per Harvard publication, 30 minutes of jumping jacks can help you burn 200 calories. Even you can increase your calories burn up to 355 by increasing the rigor of jumping jacks.

Adding jumping jacks into your fat burning workouts can increase the effectiveness of your morning workout plan.

#5. High Knees

Credit: Popsugar

High knees are simply running exercise at one place for few minutes. This is second most popular warm-up exercise after jumping jacks to start an intense workout.

High knees are great to build strength and endurance in your hip and abdominal muscles.

And apart from that, it put pressure on the lower belly that makes this exercise work great to reduce belly pooch. It helps to reduce legs and thigh fat and gives you slim fit look.

#6. Push-ups

It seems an easy exercise but take whole body strength to push your body ups and down with the support of arms.

Credit: Popsugar

But one thing I always wonder, did pushups worth all these troubles?

Yes! Pushups are very intense strength developing and muscles building exercise.

Just doing pushups- even daily- can help you lose several pounds and boom when joining with other powerful exercise plan and healthy diet.

Apart from strength, and calories burning, it brings mental toughness. It’s up and down moves work in every muscle from neck to toes.

So, all in one this is most powerful fat burning exercise that works great to transform your body.

#7. Sit-ups


Incorporating sit-ups into your weight loss plan will result in additional calories burn and increase your chances to lose weight fast.

Sit-ups can help you lose weight only if it’s part of a group of powerful fat burning exercise. Along with this, you need to be conscious of what you eat for weight loss.

It provides you strength to stretch the sets of this 10-pound morning workouts and you can aim to burn more calories longer and harder.

#8. Burpees


Burpees are full body workouts for weight loss and strength development.

If you are planning to make muscular body while stripping away few pounds, then this exercise is best for any beginners to start with.

But the numbers of repetitions and sets should be low initially.

It will work on your arms, back, chest, core, glutes, and legs. Apart from these, it will work on your belly fat and help to give your slim and sexy flat tummy.

This workout consists of 4 steps, and each will target on specific parts to reduce your stubborn fat.

So, get ready to look slim and sexy with this 10-pound morning workout plan. All you need to do is- follow, follow and follow until you reach your weight loss goal.

Good luck and stay connected with us for new healthy updates.



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